Natural Collage Kit - Small

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Natural Collage Kit - Rīhi mo nga toi taiao

This collage tray gives children the opportunity to use natural resources in their everyday play. The small variety of seasonal products in each tray gives children to  ability to be creative in a number of ways all around an ECE centre. Each tray is designed to be an enticing activity that children will love to come and interact with.


Examples of uses:

The natural collage tray used together with some paper and glue will let children create their own collages that are then able to be displayed or taken home by the child.

By giving children the opportunity to use a paper other than white, children could also use the resources to create a picture that does not stick letting the children rearrange to their satisfaction.


Items included:

Each Small Natural Collage Tray comes in a five compartment sturdy cardboard tray. Each of the three compartments are filled with dried seasonal resources set out in an appealing way for children. For an additional fee a wooden tray of the same size can be purchased for a more permeant way of storing the resources, please note that the cardboard trays do come with a cardboard lid where as the wooden boxes are not available with a lid.


Te Whāriki:

  • Te Whariki Principle: Holistic Development
  • Strand: Communication | Mana reo
  • Goals: Children discover different ways to be creative and expressive
  • Learning outcomes: Expressing their feelings and ideas using a range of materials and modes - children gain confidence with art processes.