About Us

My name is Natalie and I am excited to start this new adventure!

Let me share a little background info about us with you all -


We are a family of Seven.

Dean and I have operated a Small Family Business for the past 25 Years.

I hope to bring the skills we have learnt from that Business to this one.

We have Five amazing children who we are both very proud of.

As life changes and we move though the different stages, we welcome new challenges and are looking forward to this one.


We are fortunate to live in a small rural community in the Waikato Region.

We have had nature at our doorstep ever since the children were very young.

This business fits perfectly with us as we have had the benefit of seeing our own children grow up with nature all around them.

We believe  this has been very important in shaping them into the people they are today.

We believe Early Childhood experiences are very important for all young children.

By making connections daily with our surroundings and nature this enhances creativity, exploration and a sense of belonging.

For us to share the materials around us with as many young children as possible is a real privilege.

We look forward to “Bringing Nature To You”