Rakau Sticks

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Rakau Sticks - Rākau harakeke

Rakau Sticks are a natural cultural music resource. The Rakau Sticks are made from the flax flower stem and when used create a lovely musical sound. Rakau Sticks can be used in a group music setting or children are able to use them by themselves throughout the day.


Examples of uses:

Rakau Sticks can be used for whole group music time and they can also be used by individual children in their own way.


Items included:

The Rakau Stick set contains a set of 20 sticks in an easy to store drawstring canvas bag.


Te Whāriki:
  • Te Whariki Principle: Holistic Development
  • Strand 4: Communication | Mana reo
  • Goals: Children discover different ways to be creative and expressive
  • Learning outcomes: Expressing their feelings and ideas using a wide range of materials and modes - children use musical instruments to be creative and expressive.