Kitchen Play Set

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Kitchen Play Set - Tatai takaro mai i te whare kauta

Our open-ended Kitchen Play Set includes everything needed for kitchen role play and comes with easy to use child-friendly sized resources. The Kitchen Play Set has a natural feel and allows the children to use their imagination while playing in the kitchen. The bowls, wood rounds and river stones can be used for a variety of things including, plates, pots, chopping boards and different types of food. The Kitchen Play Set gives children opportunities to engage in dramatic play along side their peers.


Examples of uses:

The Kitchen Play Set is designed for children to use in a dramatic play setting, such as a family play area or in a specific kitchen area. Children can use their imagination to interact with the resources and come up with amazing creations and ways of making them.


Items included:

The Kitchen Play Set comes in a cardboard storage tray. In the tray will be an assortment of wooden bowls, wood rounds, cutlery, and river stones.


Te Whāriki:
  • Te Whariki Principle: Holistic Development
  • Strand 4: Exploration | Mana aoturoa
  • Goals: Children’s play is valued as meaningful learning and the importance of spontaneous play is recognised.
  • Learning outcomes: Playing, imagining, inventing and experimenting by engaging in dramatic play.