Infant Nature Set

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Infant Nature Set - Tatai taiao mo nga pepi

The Infant Nature Set consists of large, easy to explore, touch and handle tactile objects. Infants love to explore everything around them and this gives them the opportunity to explore natural objects in a safe way. Each item is individually chosen for its appeal to young children. 


Examples of uses:

The Infant Nature Set can be used safely in an under twos room with supervision. Babies will be able to use all their senses to explore the natural objects. 


Items included:

Included in the Infant Nature Set are shells, wood, pine cones, wool, stones and bamboo. This set comes in an easy to store cardboard box which for an additional cost can be changed for a wooden tray. 


Te Whāriki: 
  • Te Whariki Principle: Holistic Development
  • Strand: Exploration | Mana aoturoa
  • Goals: Children learn strategies for active exploration, thinking and reasoning
  • Learning outcomes: Using a range of strategies for reasoning and problem solving - such as the use of all the sense to make sense of the world.