Counting Set

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Counting Set - Kete tatau

The Counting Set comes with engraved bowls with dots from one to ten and seasonal products such as stones or shells. This set also comes with tongs so that children can practice their fine motor skills along with counting and categorising. These items are organised in a wooden box for easy storage.


Examples of uses:

This is perfect for a small group activity with a teacher to help guide the children through the process of counting and categorising. This kit can also be used with different resources to be counted, giving children variety in their learning.  


Items included:

The Counting Set includes ten engraved wooden bowls (70mm diameter), two metal tongs and seasonal natural resources such as stones or shells. The cardboard storage tray, for an additional cost, can be changed for a wooden tray. 


Te Whāriki:
  • Te Whariki Principle: Holistic Development
  • Strand: Exploration | Mana aoturoa
  • Goals: Children gain confidence in and control of their bodies
  • Learning outcomes: Moving confidently and challenging themselves - children puzzle over and make sense of the world, using such strategies as solving problems, looking for patterns and classifying.