Carpentry Kit – Large

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Carpentry Kit - Keteparaha

The carpentry kit provides an opportunity for children to express themselves through construction with natural resources. Children are able to practice safely using tools all the while learning about the natural resources they are using. The kit contains mixed nails and four seasonal building resources.


Examples of uses:

Children can use their imagination to create their own creations with the natural resources. The different resources included challenge the children as they hammer the pieces together.


Items included:

The carpentry kit comes in an easy to access cardboard tray, which for an additional cost can be changed for a wooden tray. The kit contains mixed nails and four items of seasonal building resources.  


Te Whāriki:
  • Te Whariki Principle: Holistic Development
  • Strand: Communication | Mana reo
  • Goals: They discover different ways to be creative and expressive 
  • Learning outcomes: Expressing their feelings and ideas using a wide range of materials and modes  - children express their creativity through activities such as carpentry.